Workplace Violence Safety Training

Intelligent, Conflict De-escalation, & Defense

Workplace Violence Safety Training

Are you concerned about your employees safety?

Do you want your employees to know how to PREVENT workplace safety?

Could your employees find themselves in front of a hostile individual?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I.C.D.D. Workplace Violence Training provides a solution.

This Video will explain to you WHY your direct service workers need to be trained with I.C.D.D. Workplace Violence Training.

I.C.D.D. training provides a total safety system in dealing with conflict, threats and violence with potentially hostile individuals in the workplace. It increases employee safety by improving professionalism, knowledge of intelligent pre-planning, attentive behavioral observations, de-escalation techniques, physical escape responses, report writing and hostage responses.   Training your employees in these critical key elements will create a more effective and safe work place for everyone.  This complete workplace violence safety training program is for anyone who is involved in direct service work that puts them in contact with unpredictable or hostile individuals.  The I.C.D.D Safety Program teaches a common sense approach that empowers employees, reduces liabilities and improves building safety.   It is a REAL training for the REAL world.

This Training is available with Safety Expert, Don Everhard coming onsite for a comprehensive training by a safety expert or in a DVD format where you provide the facilitator and we provide the training.  It can be used in its entirety for a full 4 hour in-service or can be used to train new employees, re-assigned employees, or periodic refreshers. This TOTAL safety training system is complete with a 26 page training manual for EACH participant.  The training manual is a follow along, fill in the blank workbook for increased retention.  It has a post test and a certificate of attendance.  It is a TOTAL Workplace Violence Training System.  A REAL training for the REAL world.

I.C.D.D. Safety Training System includes the following Programs:  Total 4 hours

  • Intelligent Risk Preparation
  • A.D.A.P.T. = Attitude, Dialogue, Appearance, Preparation, Training
  • Message Delivery & De-Escalation Phrases
  • Home Visit Safety
  • Report Writing
  • Meeting a Subject
  • Recognizing Increased Tension
  • Hostage Situations
  • Ways  to reduce tension
  • Physical Self-Defense Demonstration
  • Street Self Defense
  • Pepper Spray Use

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