Don Everhard is a Safety Expert on the Management And Prevention of Work Place Violence

Don Everhard leads his audiences through the steps they can take to prevent and manage workplace violence. 

His background includes being a certified social worker, providing afterhours crisis intervention which includes,but is not limited to, providing suicide assessments, child abuse investigations and mediation of family conflict.  

He has a master’s degree in counseling and was previously certified in law enforcement.  Don owns a martial arts studio and is a martial arts expert and trainer.  

Don is additionally licensed as a K-12 administrator and has received commendations from the Taylor County Board of Directors, Human Services, Medford Public Schools and the local sheriff’s department for a variety of services, including exceptional diligence and professionalism, life saving intervention and training.  Nearly 100% of those trained by Don Everhard With I.C.D.D. Work Place Violence Training indicate they feel safer on the job.

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